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Abe Slupsky lived in the USA from the latter years of the 19th century to the earlier years of the 20th Century. He was married to Caroline Slupsky and in addition to being a professional gambler, was widely reputed to have had stints as bouncer and a GOP politician. He had also become involved in supplying oil, in addition to being a fighter and private detective. Perhaps this was one of the most colorful professional gamblers ever to have been known. His base of operation was in St. Louis.


Back then anyone visiting St. Louis expressed great desire to at least get an opportunity to see Abe Slupsky. This was because of his fame which had spread all over the nation. What contributed to his increasing fame was that newspapers used to share stories and what one had written would be borrowed and be written on another newspaper. This meant that no one newspaper could claim to have sole exclusive rights to write and report on Abe Slupsky.


In some quarters, it was claimed that Abe Slupsky had been the creation of one of New York Sun’s editors going by the name of Charles Dana. They claimed that even though Abe Slupsky may have already been well known within his native state of Missouri, the rest of the nation may have never known about him were it not for the fascination with which Dana held him. However, others have stated that because of his interest in politics, he was bound to attract national attention one way or the other.


Abe Slupsky was reported to have been so proud of his name that it was said he was ready to go to his grave having been the proud bearer of that name. It was rumored that he used to walk around with his pockets full of watches and other pieces of jewelry in addition to a revolver. The purpose of carrying these items, were primarily to sell them off while carrying out conversations with whomever he met. Other people also opined that he carried these items for his professional gambling activities and habits.


Abe Slupsky, born Abraham Slupsky, had been born in London, England around 1960. He also had Irish blood and Polish blood from his mother’s and father’s sides respectively. He spent part of his youth growing up in Berlin in Germany. When his father died in 1870 forcing his mother to remarry, Abe made his way alone to the USA. He worked his way to his new nation mostly through doping odd jobs such as a dish washer or boat deck cleaner on some online steamers every now and then.


When Abe Slupsky passed away sometimes in the year 1936, he truly had lived quite a colorful life. The state of Missouri had lost one of its most prominent sons up to that point. Although he did not make his money or wealth from professional gambling, he never shied away from indulging in this activity from time to time. He would bet on anything that was of interest to him and not just poker from where his reputation as a professional gambler emerged.

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