About Us


My obsession with professional gamblers began about five years ago. I was in Vegas playing black jack and got chatting to a guy named Jerry. I was so fascinated by this guy because his knowledge of gambling and gamblers was phenomenal. He would watch competitions and try to pick up hints on how to win from the professionals.

From here we became great friends and would go to Vegas almost every weekend to watch competitions and try our luck at the tables. We then ventured into different realms of gambling. From football games to the biggest industry of them all – horse racing. At first this was a little confusing for us but after plenty of research and failed attempts we finally started to see some results.

Although neither of us ever became professional we have had some big wins and have gained a wealth of knowledge along the way. Now I feel I should share this knowledge with other enthusiasts and hope they become as passionate as I am about the sport.


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