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Alex Bird made a fortune in the region of millions of dollars for more than twenty years after the world war in Britain. He is regarded by many as the original professional gambler and loved horse racing. His favorite type of horse racing was any which has photo finishes. He developed a perfect system which brought him millions of sterling pounds for the entire duration of his career. He is reputed to have won more bets than anyone else while he was still active in this field.


Unlike many of his peers who professionally gambled on horse racing, he paid very close attention to the times horses posted during training and in actual races. This prompted him to start betting on a horse called Mill Reef. It has been said that perhaps his biggest ever bet, on any horse, was on this horse at around 60,000 Sterling Pounds at 4/6. He would go on to win more than 100,000 Sterling Pounds for the whole duration of time he bet on Mill Reef.


Alex Bird was known to be quite brilliant at picking out horse race winners. While people would bet on heavily built horses on unfavorable ground and weather conditions, he would do the opposite and bet on lightweight skinny horses. This enabled him to win many horse races through the skinny horses he continuously backed without fail. Many people and gamblers would be left baffled at Alex Bird’s seemingly miraculous ability to pick out winners. He simply knew his horses well.


Even though Alex Bird died in 1991, his name has continued to be mentioned with lots of respect by people interested in horse racing worldwide. He used to be referred to as The King, mainly because of the fact that he consistently won against betting companies and other individuals. Whichever horse he bet on, would most likely win the race on which it had been entered in. At times he placed false bets all geared towards ensuring that the horse he really bet on to win, would receive favorable bets.


Alex Bird co-authored a book with Terry Manners titled The Life and Secrets of Professional Punter. It was published in 1996 and details various activities and secrets together with lessons he learned during his career which spanned close to fifty years since the end of the world war to the time of his passing away. He had lived a very fascinating life and had enjoyed huge levels of success in his career. His successes and fame led him to meet with Bill Clinton before the latter became the US president.


Some of the lessons Alex Bird has passed on to others include the fact that no betting should be placed on three year old maidens or on handicaps. He developed an effective system which worked wonders in bringing him great wealth purely as a professional horse racing gambler. It is difficult to imagine what he would have gone on to amass in wealth had he lived beyond the 61 years before his death in 1991. This man born in North Manchester surely had a proper understanding and appreciation of horses.

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