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Barry Meadow has been involved in professional gambling for not less than 30 years now. His gambling career is not just tied down to blackjack but spreads out to horse racing. He is considered one of the most famous professional gamblers found anywhere in the whole world. Due to his fame and popularity in this field, he has spread his expertise into writing books on gambling in addition to being asked to appear in several television programs.


Two of the books he has written in regard to horse racing includes Success at Harness Racing and Professional Harness Betting which were published in 1967 and 1987 respectively. The second book he wrote is the one that ushered him into world wide fame all over the world as it offered tips on how to succeed in the field of professional horse racing gambling. It also helped those interested in this field to learn how to recognize the tricks to employ if they sought to be successful professional gamblers.


In the years 1988, 1994 and 1999 Barry Meadow would write three other books through which he shared his professional horse racing gambling experience. These books were titled Money Secrets at the Racetrack, Secrets of the Pick 6 as well as Player’s Guide to Nevada Racebooks respectively. The range of topic sand subjects covered in these books included his experience in horse racing, especially his 5 years winning streak, money management as well as tips on being successful at gambling.


Barry Meadow, the professional gambler in horse racing, has also played active lawn tennis in India. Furthermore, he has also made an appearance in Players: Blue Collar Gambler, a 2007 documentary. He has engaged his creative side by writing several sitcoms, television shows and even went on to try his hand in stand up comedy. It has been said that Meadow was never shy in trying out his hand in several things or activities. Perhaps all the activities contributed to his increasing fame worldwide.


Although Barry Meadow was famously known as a professional horse racing gambler, he never tied himself to this field only. He was actively involved as a blackjack gambler. The experiences he obtained and lessons he learned from this drove him to eventually write books on blackjack gambling. His interest in blackjack gambling really came into the fore in 1999 as a result of which he wrote Blackjack Autumn. There is no casino in Nevada where he did not go to try out his luck in blackjack gambling.


In the year 2003, Barry Meadow went ahead to write another blackjack book known as Crushing the Internet Casinos. He wrote this book in response to the increasingly popular emergence of Internet gambling where he offers lessons and tips on what to watch out for while engaged in this field. Barry ensures that the lessons and experiences he shares from his life, are written in such a likable, flowing and humorous way in which anyone can read and understand the smallest of details in this field.

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