Bill Benter, the richest gambler of them all.



Amercian William “Bill” Benter completes our fantastic Horse Racing Trifecta, including Alan Woods and Zeljko Ranogajec.

After starting in partnership with Alan Woods, Bill Benter left to form his own operation after the pair had what some describe as a “spectacular falling out”.

A confirmed mathematical genius, it was Bill Benter who developed the mathematics powering the software. Benter re-created and expanded on his software, using a vast array of variables to get the edge on the average gambler. Further still, his software looked at prices to work out where the truest advantage was. Using a team of people to place bets he concentrated on placing his bets mere seconds before the jump, solidifying his prices.

It is estimated that Bill Benter often makes $5-$10 million in a single race day. He has reportedly moved beyond Hong Kong. Attacking the US and other Asian Racing Markets. Given the scope and scale of his operation, Bill Benter has surpassed his peers and we feel comfortable listing him as the worlds first billionaire gambler.

Benter has long since expanded beyond gambling into other interests, both business and academic. He is also a committed Rotarian working with the Hong Kong Rotary who he says helped made him feel more of a community. Also a big contributor to charity and political groups so much so that he recently donated one million dollars to the University of Pittsburgh .

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