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Bob Rothman has even stated that he had at one time made bets which totaled close to £2 million. He further claims to have been able to receive close to £440,000. Currently, most of the accounts he had opened with some of the bookmakers have been closed because they do not want to work with his money. Thus far, Bob Rothman is only limited to betting around £3,000 per week because some of the bookmakers have prohibited him from using some of the accounts he had opened.


Bob Rothman has been able to put in place systems which he promotes to other members of the public even though he is unable to continue being involved directly as a professional gambler. He offers unique selections which include the Daily Bet, the Profit Point Trader as well as the Full Professional Service. His contributions in the field of helping people come up with success in the area of professional gambling in horse racing develop rewarding careers which stand to last for many years.


Bob Rothman is the first to claim that he never gets it right all the time. He has been saying that he only gets it right two out of every three times. His success rate therefore, currently stands at around 40% and he continues to share with everyone who seeks firsthand knowledge from someone whose experience as a professional gambler currently runs for more than two decades. Anyone who clocks more than twenty years in one field would surely have to be considered an expert.


He has developed some basic principles with which he has been using to make money as a professional gambler. Some of these principles include value betting, proportional betting, betting ratios, the ten percent rule as well as big runner handicaps. He has always strove to develop these working principles even further by getting feedback from those who are applying them in their lives. This has been made possible through the fact that he uses the Internet to share with his clients interested in this field.


Bob Rothman has enjoyed some facilities which other professional gamblers in horse racing from years past had not been able to enjoy. Some of these include the fact that there are better software, Internet facilities and other hundreds of technological advancements which his counterparts from the past never had. He is able to learn about several developments taking place in horse racing at the same time from all over the globe and attend several of them as quickly as he desires.


As a professional gambler, Bob Rothman has been at the forefront in advocating for people to make money as professional gamblers even where the horses they had bet on fail to win. He says that this is possible through ensuring that you place your bets on more than one horse at any given race. This ensures that as long as the horses you have bet on get placed, you are then entitled to the money based on the odds placed on that horse.

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