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Here you will find profiles on gamblers who have made it big in the casinos either playing poker or black jack.

Thomas Hyland

Thomas Hyland has been a professional gambler specializing in blackjack, which is one of the casino’s card games. He has managed to build his own team through which he has built a reputation as a solid performer able to win numerous events within the field over many years. Other professional gamblers who have faced off… Continue

Richard Albert Canfield

Richard Albert Canfield was born on June 28, 1855 and lived until he died in December 11, 1914. He has given his surname as one of the games which fall within solitaire group of computer games. The reason his name is associated with a card game is because of the general consensus that he was… Continue

Abe Slupsky

Abe Slupsky lived in the USA from the latter years of the 19th century to the earlier years of the 20th Century. He was married to Caroline Slupsky and in addition to being a professional gambler, was widely reputed to have had stints as bouncer and a GOP politician. He had also become involved in… Continue

Barry Meadow

Barry Meadow has been involved in professional gambling for not less than 30 years now. His gambling career is not just tied down to blackjack but spreads out to horse racing. He is considered one of the most famous professional gamblers found anywhere in the whole world. Due to his fame and popularity in this… Continue

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