Terry Ramsden


In the year 1986 Terry Ramsden bet on his own horse a whooping 500,000 Sterling Pounds each way. Out of these 1 million Sterling Pounds, he received 1.5 million after this horse, known as Mr. Snugfit, came in the fourth position. This means that he had a real passion and firmly believed in the horses… Continue

John Fullerton


At various times, depending on the people one asks John Fullerton has been a darling of gamblers but a nemesis of the bookies. This is because at one time during the Cheltenham Festival in the year 2010, he was able to correctly foresee the winners in five different horse races. This made the bookmakers awake… Continue


Bill Benter, the richest gambler of them all.


Amercian William “Bill” Benter completes our fantastic Horse Racing Trifecta, including Alan Woods and Zeljko Ranogajec. After starting in partnership with Alan Woods, Bill Benter left to form his own operation after the pair had what some describe as a “spectacular falling out”. A confirmed mathematical genius, it was Bill Benter who developed the mathematics powering the software. Benter re-created… Continue