JP Mc Manus


JP McManus is one of the leading and richest professional gamblers ever to have been involved in horse racing. His interests not only spanned horse racing but moved into international financing. He is also quite passionate about money dealing and has been running some of these activities from his base situated in the city of… Continue

John Fullerton


At various times, depending on the people one asks John Fullerton has been a darling of gamblers but a nemesis of the bookies. This is because at one time during the Cheltenham Festival in the year 2010, he was able to correctly foresee the winners in five different horse races. This made the bookmakers awake… Continue

Robert Moore


Robert Moore was a native of New Zealand who had moved to Hong Kong and become one of its most wealthy and successful professional gamblers of the 1980s to 1990s period. He had built one of the most efficient computerized systems of his time to help him successfully keep track records and profiles of all… Continue

Don Scott


Don Scott is one of Australia’s most iconic professional gamblers who was born in 1932. It is interesting to note that before he embarked on his career as a gambler interested in horse racing, he had been a student at the University of Sydney where he had been undergoing a course in Theology and Law…. Continue

Dave Nevison


Dave Nevison worked as a City currency trader prior to turning into a professional punter in 1993 after he lost his job. He is currently alleged to be earning above six figure income accrued from gambling, journalism and punditry columns published in various publications and newspapers. He is an accomplished author with a couple of… Continue


Harry Findlay


Harry Findlay is a professional punter well known in horse racing betting. Both of his parents were nurses in Glasgow. Despite the fact that they left Scotland when he was just 5 years old, he recalls how his mother adored James Henderson. His dad has passed away but his mother is still live. Findlay recalls… Continue


Barney Curley


Curley is among the reputable and celebrated punters in horse racing betting. His unmatched success in betting has made him a great annoyance to the bookmakers. His sterling performance in the betting industry can be traced to a night spent at Belfast race track more than 40 years ago. On that night, Barney’s father who… Continue

Clive Holt


Clive Holt has been involved in horse racing as a professional gambler for years now. He started doing this while still employed with the Electricity Board and realized that he was able to make more money in two months from this activity than he was making for a whole year in active employment. This realization… Continue


Bob Rothman


Bob Rothman has even stated that he had at one time made bets which totaled close to £2 million. He further claims to have been able to receive close to £440,000. Currently, most of the accounts he had opened with some of the bookmakers have been closed because they do not want to work with… Continue