George E. Smith


George Elsworth Smith lived between 1862 and 1905. He was a reputable American Thoroughbred horse racing aficionado and gambler. He rose to the level of multi-millionaire in late 19th century and 230th century. He was christened `Pittsburgh Phil’ by William `Silver Bills’ Riley, a Chicago gambling veteran, in 1865 to distinguish him from other regular… Continue


Bill Benter, the richest gambler of them all.


Amercian William “Bill” Benter completes our fantastic Horse Racing Trifecta, including Alan Woods and Zeljko Ranogajec. After starting in partnership with Alan Woods, Bill Benter left to form his own operation after the pair had what some describe as a “spectacular falling out”. A confirmed mathematical genius, it was Bill Benter who developed the mathematics powering the software. Benter re-created… Continue