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Clive Holt has been involved in horse racing as a professional gambler for years now. He started doing this while still employed with the Electricity Board and realized that he was able to make more money in two months from this activity than he was making for a whole year in active employment. This realization prompted him to start taking horse racing professional gambling career more seriously than he had been doing prior to this enlightenment.


Clive Holt used to make 1,000 Sterling Pounds in profits at a time from his horse racing gambling career. However, these profits enabled him to eventually start living the kind of life he had only been dreaming about or wishing for. He was able to afford exotic holidays, buy luxurious cars. Over a period of many years, Clive Holt was finally able to buy a country house which was endowed with huge acres of land. He was finally able to enjoy the fruits of his labor as a professional gambler.


By the year 1975, Clive Holt had quit his full time employment with Electricity Board to embark on a full time career as a professional gambler in horse racing. His first ever bet was around 67 Sterling Pounds on horse known as Western Jewel. He was able to enjoy huge amounts of money in profits afterward as this horse won the race quite comfortably. This ushered him into a successful venture which he would continue in for many more years to come and make huge profits from.


Clive Holt went ahead to put down his lessons, experiences and tips on professional gambling especially as regards horse racing in the form of books. His name is on the cover of around four books as the author and these include Profitable Winners Always Back Value Winners, Fineform Winners Guide, Be A Successful Punter as well as Profitable Betting Strategies. These books have gone on to help thousands, if not millions, of people globally to learn more about this line of work.


Clive Holt has developed a habit of betting on horse races which he mainly goes to only from midweek to weekend with his most active day being Saturday. He has developed a disciplined lifestyle of going to horse races personally four times a week without fail. While other punters prefer to have other people attending these races and placing bets for them, Clive Holt has continued to display a fondness for being personally involved in gambling or betting on horses.


Out of his being a professional gambler in horse racing, Clive Holt has been able to purchase several luxury cars including BMWs and Jaguars in addition to affording to take his family on several exotic excursions to the Caribbean and the Canaries just to mention but a few. His wife and four children have been able to enjoy living at a countryside house with loads of acres in Georgia. This country house is blessed with horses, a coach house and several stables all within the same piece of property.

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