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Dave Nevison worked as a City currency trader prior to turning into a professional punter in 1993 after he lost his job. He is currently alleged to be earning above six figure income accrued from gambling, journalism and punditry columns published in various publications and newspapers. He is an accomplished author with a couple of informative horse racing books and also manages a horse racing publication.

As one of the most popular and respected gambler in Britain, he also attributes his victory to his agility to acquire `value’ bet. This skill enables him to acquire excellent winnings throughout the year. The strategy he follows in determining the winning horse is unique from strategies used by other professionals. However, the concepts follow similar fundamental concepts that are used by other professionals to determine the horse with highest winning chances than its current odds.

His unique strategies of getting reliable match is derived through collecting information regarding the horses that are racing and then giving them odds. If he has allocated odds of 2/1 to a horse but the market has it placed at 4/1, he will go with the option since has a better chance of winning than the probability on offer imply.

All the serious wagers worth their salt always are ever in search of content that would help them to enhance their accuracy level.  The two publications by Dave Nevison, A Bloody Good Winner: Life As A Professional Gambler and No Easy Money: A Gambler’s Diary, are reliable sources of concepts used by the gambling veteran.  All the content he writes about is based from his 15 plus years in the field as a punter.

Among the greatest tips that Nevison observes when wagering includes betting on the horse that has the least distance to cover. He became a professional punter back in 1993 and has ever since becoming a regular wager at the Chester Course among other race tracks.  Apart from the detailed `rambling, gambling’ lifestyle, he also works like a TV tipster. His reputation in horse racing niche makes him among he famous consultants other gamblers turn to for advice on smart betting.

Although Dave Nevison has really had a colorful past in gambling that many of his admirers such as Bill Roberts (a passing race fan) refers to him when discussing gambling. Nevison also accepts that he has got into drunken characters in the course of his gambling profession that has landed him into immeasurable problems. This problem has mainly been with women.  His obsession with gambling has cost him his marriage.

Dave regularly bets £2,000. He claims that the secret to being a professional gambler involves knowing secrets and information that competitors are not aware of.  There are many people who always bet on the wrong horses thereby facilitating better odds. There are many general punters visiting the field with little information. They bet for recreational purposes hence do not even bother to research on the probability of the horses they are wagering on winning. Currently, Nevison has retired from gambling. He claims that it is a game of the youngsters and that is why he has turned his dedication to constructing This site encourages friends to place bets against each other and the webmaster takes 20% of the earnings.

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