Don Scott


Don Scott is one of Australia’s most iconic professional gamblers who was born in 1932. It is interesting to note that before he embarked on his career as a gambler interested in horse racing, he had been a student at the University of Sydney where he had been undergoing a course in Theology and Law. This goes further to prove that some of the most successful professional gamblers have also been gifted intellectually. His interest in theology and law gave way to his passion as a professional gambler.


Scott started making money from his professional gambling activities in the area of horse racing in his early twenties. While he was still involved in horse racing as a professional gambler, his career spanned for close to twenty years. It is worthy of note that he managed to win for every single one of those years. This was primarily due to the fact that he managed to develop a system through which he was able to consistently emerge victorious with the horses he bet on.


Don Scott was able to bring on board several punters with whom he formed a group known as Legal Eagles. The people who joined up with him to form this syndicate had experienced great success on their own as professional gamblers. They saw it fit to merge their experiences under one umbrella and the result was that they were able to bring many victories and wins under their wing. This syndicated group was made up of Don Scott in addition to Clyde Parker and Bob Charley.


As a result of the experience he had acquired over the years, Don Scott also followed in the footsteps of other professional gamblers in that he translated these into books. Some of the books he published included Winning in 1978, The Winning Way to Successful Punting published in 1982 and the 1985 book titled the Winning More. He went on to publish yet another book in 1990 titled Winning in the 90s. As a result of this, his name was known by the high and mighty found in Australia.


Don Scott insisted on the fact that one of the principles which horse racing professional gamblers need to possess is one of consistency. He believed that winners were likely to keep on winning while losers would keep on losing. This was a principle he didn’t just preach or talk about. It was a principle that Scott lived by as a professional gambler. The truth and effectiveness of this motto with which he carried out his activities as a professional gambler, is seen by the wins his horses consistently clocked.


This great Aussie horse racing professional gambler, advised that punters ought to attend race meetings in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and only consider horses which had won at least 30% of their races in addition to starting at least twenty horse races. He died mysteriously in his Sydney apartment after complaining severally that there was a private investigator and numerous phone threats he had been receiving from unknown sources over a period of time. Apparently he chose to end his own life.

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