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Freddie Williams is a reputable and elite bookmaker in Prestbury Park. He is also a famous drama actor. Williams was born in 1942 at Cumnock, East Ayrshire. His father was a miner by profession and he would have followed the same path just like his peers and male relatives only that he failed the health test at age 15. He became a mining engineer instead of a miner.

After working in mining industry for a few years, he quit the job and took another with a soft drink company. Betting was rampant back then and was a cornerstone among the mining communities; particularly `pitch and toss’. However, horse racing, particularly jump racing, was another attractive venture.

Freddie was fortunate that he was earning a pound per week. He used the keep the money in a tin box. There were many uncertified betting centers in Ayrshire and he used to bet all the money he could spare at these offices, specifically at Pas Seul. He held on to the last moment but he pulled out before the end although people like Kerstin held on and won in the race.

The following year, Freddie made no blunder. Actually, he was not the only one interested in Pas Seul. His workmates at Currys were also attracted to place their bets. He purchased his initial bookmarking pitch in 1974 at Ayr. He then purchased another book from Hamilton then one Musselburgh. He then proceeded to established seven betting offices. Currys was bought out once more in 1991, Freddie went on to establish his own bottled-water investment known s Caledonian Clear. He was worth above a million back then.

Many people hold the idea that bookmaking is a hobby instead of a profession. This implies hat bookmakers should have another career that would in turn help in paying for their bills. However, Freddie William emphatically denies these claims and retains that bookmaking can be a career. His livelihood, passion and entire life depends on the bookmaking.

The gusto and courage Freddie delivers in his job had not been witnessed by Southerners before until the extraordinary overdue reforms that permitted racecourse pitches to be purchased and sold in the public auction were implemented in the late 1990s. The traditional system followed by Dead Man’s Shoes, bookmaking pitches was limited to specific generations in the same family. This was a kind of Masonic protection defraud that prevented introduction of new faces and money in the ring.

Freddie is an adventurer bookmaker who is wiling to bet amazing amounts of money. He is particularly famous as the great force that managed to counteract the unsurpassed force of J.P McManus, the one audacious gambler whose big bets at the  Cheltenham National Hunt Festival held every March are among the constant in horse-racing.

Since Williams became a respected high-profile bookmaker, his worst experience came on 16th March, 2006 at the Cheltenham Festival. He lost bets to Reveillez and Kadoun after the horses he had chosen lost. By the end of the day, he owed McManus above £1 m. Besides, he was waylaid and mugged over £70,000 when he was driving home with his daughter and her boyfriend.

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