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Harry Findlay is a professional punter well known in horse racing betting. Both of his parents were nurses in Glasgow. Despite the fact that they left Scotland when he was just 5 years old, he recalls how his mother adored James Henderson. His dad has passed away but his mother is still live. Findlay recalls vividly and gets hurt when he remembers that his parents were broke. He came to discover this in when he was at the 15.5 years old. However, they ensured he got all the latest fads he admired such as flared pants, platform, etc.

By the time he reached 16 years, his mother started encouraging him to face his responsibilities. She retained that he should get a job and pay for his stamp. Finally, he got the job of walking hounds. It was when he was doing this job when he met bad company that dealt with converting stolen goods into cash. He further proceeded to become a credit card thief. At the age of 20, he was arrested and sentence to 11 months sentence.

Findlay is currently a reputable and highly successful punter who claims that he can barely believe his fortune of owning a horse that is as good as Denman. The horse is possibly the best novice chaser around. The horse has a unique kind of character that make people either determined to take him on or they simply like him. Harry is exactly that kind of a person.

Harry Findlay is best known in the racing circles as the owner of Cheltenham fancies Desert Quest and Denman. His residence is located near Bah and he lives with his wife and two daughters. Many people find gambling odds-on dangerous since this involves wagering more money than you are likely to get from the bet. However, Findlay is an exception since he would not hesitate to place such bets.

He remains adamant that backing odds-on is the biggest myth in life and racing. He believes that odds-on is a logical gambling technique that has been made scary by misconceptions perpetrated by ignorant bookmakers and punters. There risk factor is high and yet the returns may be little but the brave punters should not hesitate to bet on such odds according to Harry.

Harry Findlay claims that he normally bets millions every week. He finds it irrational to bet small amount of money. However, he recommends punters to conduct due diligence on the bets they want to invest. Establishing the returns expected from the investment as well as chances of wining is indispensable. Findlay entirely depends on gambling to pay for his daily and life expenses. He advises punters that they should wager big cash since they are never going to win big through attempting small investments only.

Findlay developed interest in gambling several years back after he started playing poker dice. He skipped biology classes to take part in the game. His excellence in betting can be proven by the many bookmakers who are scared of taking his bets. Actually, Harry had stopped betting in horse racing until recently when it became possible to bet punter against punter.

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