Gambler Profiles – Horse Racing


Horse racing is one of the biggest money making sports in the world, if you’re good at it that is. Here we have profiles of those who have made it professional with horse racing including the worlds biggest player Zeljko Rankovic and the wealthiest gambler in the world, billionaire Bill Benter!

Phil Bull

Phil Bull was a professional gambler who made massive amount of money from wagering specifically in horse races. In addition to him being a veteran gambler, he was also a writer, breeder, owner and publisher. He is estimated to have generated millions in the course of his profession. He was born in 1910 and died… Continue

Jack Ramsden

Jack Ramsden was originally a stock broker by profession. This was not until 1980 when he gave up on the profession and moved on to become a professional punter. He got married to his wife, Lynda Ramsden, whom he met when she was working at Epsom yard of John Sutcliffe. Jack had horses and was… Continue

George E. Smith

George Elsworth Smith lived between 1862 and 1905. He was a reputable American Thoroughbred horse racing aficionado and gambler. He rose to the level of multi-millionaire in late 19th century and 230th century. He was christened `Pittsburgh Phil’ by William `Silver Bills’ Riley, a Chicago gambling veteran, in 1865 to distinguish him from other regular… Continue

Freddie Williams

Freddie Williams is a reputable and elite bookmaker in Prestbury Park. He is also a famous drama actor. Williams was born in 1942 at Cumnock, East Ayrshire. His father was a miner by profession and he would have followed the same path just like his peers and male relatives only that he failed the health… Continue

Paul Cooper

There are numerous ways of skinning a cat as the story has it. Paul Cooper also believes in the concept that thee are numerous ways of becoming a professional gambler. He had his distinct way of wagering for profit. He used his ability to attract influence at the Tricast, a British racecourse that offers a… Continue

Sidney Harris

Sidney Harris is a professional punter who was attracted in the gambling industry when he was in mid-40s. Initially, he was a stock market agent prior to dropping the profession in favor professional gambling. Sidney attempted his largest gamble on the Black Monday. This was in October 19th, 1987.  The financial experts just waited with… Continue

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