Gambler Profiles – Horse Racing


Horse racing is one of the biggest money making sports in the world, if you’re good at it that is. Here we have profiles of those who have made it professional with horse racing including the worlds biggest player Zeljko Rankovic and the wealthiest gambler in the world, billionaire Bill Benter!

Clive Holt

Clive Holt has been involved in horse racing as a professional gambler for years now. He started doing this while still employed with the Electricity Board and realized that he was able to make more money in two months from this activity than he was making for a whole year in active employment. This realization… Continue


Bob Rothman

Bob Rothman has even stated that he had at one time made bets which totaled close to £2 million. He further claims to have been able to receive close to £440,000. Currently, most of the accounts he had opened with some of the bookmakers have been closed because they do not want to work with… Continue

Barry Meadow

Barry Meadow has been involved in professional gambling for not less than 30 years now. His gambling career is not just tied down to blackjack but spreads out to horse racing. He is considered one of the most famous professional gamblers found anywhere in the whole world. Due to his fame and popularity in this… Continue

Alex Bird

Alex Bird made a fortune in the region of millions of dollars for more than twenty years after the world war in Britain. He is regarded by many as the original professional gambler and loved horse racing. His favorite type of horse racing was any which has photo finishes. He developed a perfect system which… Continue


Bill Benter, the richest gambler of them all.

Amercian William “Bill” Benter completes our fantastic Horse Racing Trifecta, including Alan Woods and Zeljko Ranogajec. After starting in partnership with Alan Woods, Bill Benter left to form his own operation after the pair had what some describe as a “spectacular falling out”. A confirmed mathematical genius, it was Bill Benter who developed the mathematics powering the software. Benter re-created… Continue

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