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Jack Ramsden was originally a stock broker by profession. This was not until 1980 when he gave up on the profession and moved on to become a professional punter. He got married to his wife, Lynda Ramsden, whom he met when she was working at Epsom yard of John Sutcliffe. Jack had horses and was among the first owners of Barry Hill. Ramsden was basically working in the city as a stock broker but he accepts that the job was simply unsuitable for him. Motivated to find alternative job to replace his unprofitable stock broker business, he married Lynda in 1977 and began training racehorses at the Isle of Man. After a few years, they moved to England and then North Yorkshire where they still live and train horses.

Ramsden has had 13 uninterrupted winning years a professional gambler. His unbeaten gambling record is based on race times and speed figures just like what other professional punters use. He has often sated that race times is an important consideration for every horse racing enthusiast expecting to excel in this field. His whole concept of analyzing the best bets in based on race times. There are limited good times that are recorded over jumps and everyone tends to be aware of the horses and they are too unreliable to support.

Ramsden spends about 2 to 3 hours everyday analyzing his bets in addition to going through the endless content provided in the form books. He claims that he is ever in search of 3/1 bets that begins at 8/1. There is an average of 30 to 40 of such bets in a year and they are there to be discovered and utilized. With such kinds of returns, it will not be mandatory for you to be always right. His argument is based on the fact that a good horse has chances of emerging getting bad results, while a bad horse has no chance of getting good results.

Ramsden is unique by the fact that he has his own bookmaker by the name Colin Webster. The relationship between the two persons is actually very unique. Ramsden is paid by Colin £ 5,000 annually for his advice. In addition to the payroll from Colin, Ramsden also holds the tasks of getting his bets on with the rest of the bookmakers. Another distinct character of Ramsden is his unwavering interest in multiple bets. His logic is that they are continuation of his plan to reach big prices and he surmises that he has earned above £ 200,000 on four different occasions after placing multiple bets.

Another piece of advice Jack Ramsden emphasizes on is the each-way bets. His intention is to get rid of them. He claimed that after he analyzed his betting plan two years back he discovered that he would have had got better returns.  His advice to the punters is to eliminate each-way bets and then stick to the singles. However, Ramsden still emphasizes on conducting informed research prior to placing bets in whichever gaming option the punter decides to follow.

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