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At various times, depending on the people one asks John Fullerton has been a darling of gamblers but a nemesis of the bookies. This is because at one time during the Cheltenham Festival in the year 2010, he was able to correctly foresee the winners in five different horse races. This made the bookmakers awake up to the fact that here was somebody who had the ability to offer credible threat to their operations. This was after the bookmakers had realized close to £60 million.


What made John Fullerton’s projections even more remarkable is the fact that during those races, five favorite racehorses were beaten. This is quite remarkable in that the probability of pointing out one racehorse winner is in itself quite difficult leave alone pointing out five winners. This feat was enough to propel him to the front line in terms of professional gamblers who specialize on horse racing. Furthermore, his popularity with other punters and general public sky rocketed as a result of this.


Currently, John Fullerton is a Chief Analyst in the field of Horse Racing where he works for Inside Gambler. This is a member’s only organization through which provides services in regard to horse racing projections. His track record thus far has been quite phenomenal and every single private member of Inside Gambler has been actively and lucratively rewarded with great returns by betting on the horses which John Fullerton had advised them.


John Fullerton has been quite active in advising people interested in making money from betting on racehorses never to cease developing new contacts at any given opportunities. This is because all that is required at times is the insight from someone else who understands or has insight on some horses to advise you on how to make your bets. The contacts and friendships you form with strangers at any given opportunity are able to bring you great profits with time as you embark on identifying winning race horses.


One of the advantages of working with John Fullerton is that he able to keep you updated with the latest developments in the field of horse racing. He is able to offer his clients with information as to which racehorses present the best in terms of chances of winning races. An example is where he has kept up to date with information in regard to Invisible Spirit’s daughter Hooray who is expected to perform well soon once he is eligible to take part in the next New market’s 1,000 Guineas.


In the year 2010 he renewed his contract with Inside Gambler for a further two years. He has continued being a writer, a tipster and an analyst. He has been sharing his vast expertise with members of the public as a presenter and commentator in matters relating to horse racing. Even though he may not have started his career primarily as a professional gambler, he has nevertheless displayed an uncanny ability to pick out winners. This has proved to be of great benefit and rewarding to all his clients.

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