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JP McManus is one of the leading and richest professional gamblers ever to have been involved in horse racing. His interests not only spanned horse racing but moved into international financing. He is also quite passionate about money dealing and has been running some of these activities from his base situated in the city of Geneva, Switzerland. His reputation as a gambler as well as a race horse owner has been talked about by many experts in this field for decades.


JP McManus was born and raised up in Limerick, Ireland. As he started exhibiting great interest in horse racing, he had personal stand within the Limerick greyhound track. His first win which was categorized as a major win, was at Cheltenham where he won not less than 250,000 Sterling Pounds. He won this huge sum of money through a horse which had originally been projected to come in second but ended up winning the race. This was quite some good return for JP McManus.


This first major win only worked to whet his appetite and birthed a desire in JP McManus to own his very own racehorses. He is also a very wealthy man who has at one time, 2006 to be precise, won 1 million Sterling Pounds from Freddie Williams. This is a Scottish bookie and awarded JP McManus this huge prize in 2006 at Cheltenham. It is safe to say that Cheltenham has been a good hunting ground for JP McManus in his professional gambling in horse racing career.


Back in the year 1970, when he was just about twenty years old he had his first bet on a horse called Linden Tree. After placing a bet of around 4 Sterling Pounds, he realized 50 Sterling Pounds as profit. This made him bet once again on the same horse earning 100 Sterling pounds from his bet of 4 Sterling Pounds. This made him awake to the fact that he could make a successful career as a professional gambler specializing on horse racing a dream which he would go on to fulfill with great success.


JP McManus is one of the most beloved Irish billionaires and is currently ranked at position twelve in the list of the richest Irish citizens as at November 2012. While his billions are said to have been brought about through his activities as a horse racing professional gambler, a greater portion of it came about as a result of his interest in international money market and trading. He was even honored by the Limerick community for his impact on their social, community, educational and sports life.


From the moment of his birth on March 10, 1951 there was no denying the fact that he would fall in love with horses. This was because his father, Johnny, was a keeper of show horses. Currently, JP McManus is reputed to have the largest flock of jump racing horses. He owns more than 400 horses that are in active training as at this moment. Istabraq is his most famous horse, having won the Champion Hurdle thrice, and is trained and jockeyed by Aidan O’Brien and Tony McCoy respectively.

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