Patrick Veitch


Patrick Veitch is a former Cambridge University Mathematics scholar christened Enemy Number 1. He has managed to scoop above £1 million from various bookies within the last 10 years. He works 80 hours every week and places his best with the help of a phalanx of agents. He occasionally grabs bets of up to £100,000. He even once placed a bet worth £20,000 on a single horse. His excellence and appealing victory in betting has continued to torment bookies. His great victory in gambling can be seen in his luxurious life, splendid town house located at North of England, helicopters, Ferraris and smart London pad.

Veitch is mystery to many bookmakers. He can be out there at any day supporting the most innocuous horse, maybe as an owner, but his real identity is always concealed by his partners. He may also be simply introduced as a punter with ability to discern factors that other gamblers are not capable of seeing. Generally, it is impossible for the bookmakers to identify his money until it is too late.

Veitch used to live carefree life as a bachelor in Cambridge University. He supplemented his income through operating a telephone tipping line. He had arrived at the university a decade earlier to study mathematics at the university. He admits that e was frequently disrupted by his experience in backing horses. Eventually he dropped his studies in favor of horse betting. Unluckily, his success was discovered by a very dangerous man. They had brushed shoulders peripherally, but the scoundrel appeared to Veitch in the company of another bulky `associate’. They claimed that he had cost them money and they wanted compensation of £70,000 or alternatively get both of his legs slashed off.

The threat scared Veitch but instead of compensating the extortionist, he decided to run underground. He also sought the help of police. He testified against his tormentor in court. Later, the villain was sent behind the bars with assault charges after nearly killing a police officer.  After the terrible emotion and financial corrosion he suffered, he decided that someone was going to pay for that and the most candid candidates were the bookmakers. This was how he initiated his incensed redress.

The come back he got made him extremely motivated to attain excellence. He was in dire need of the money and that made him to work extremely hard. His effort yielded good results. His intention was to reconstruct a new and worth y life since it was impossible for him to have his old life back.  Patrick confides that the greatest challenge punters have to learn is dealing with difficult times. He recalls that he had problems reconciling after having a serious bad day. He also observes that many punters lack the ability to control the effects of bad results they may have had previously. However, over time he has leant the art of suppressing his emotions effectively such that his emotions can remain unaltered even after losing lump sum cash. Veitch finds abundant joy when bookmakers unknowingly accept his bets.

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