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There are numerous ways of skinning a cat as the story has it. Paul Cooper also believes in the concept that thee are numerous ways of becoming a professional gambler. He had his distinct way of wagering for profit. He used his ability to attract influence at the Tricast, a British racecourse that offers a unique possibility to earn more than 400, 00 pounds, in order to win some bets at this Thirsk racecourse.

Cooper was discovered before other punters that horses picked higher than the straight sprint course at Thirsk seemed to have a special advantage. There are many racecourses in Britain that feature unique draw biases. Beverly and Chester are most likely the most obvious although the difference at Thirsk was the fact that the bias was marked on fast ground as well as on the soft ground. The cause of this was involved the watering system at Thirsk. There was a strip of unwatered ground that was left adjacent to the stands rail therefore making it remarkably faster than other parts of the track.

Cooper used to analyze the 5 or 6 horses picked highest in the tricasts. He was also interested in knowing the horses that would be running on the favored grounds. In many cases, complete strangers were allocated the tracks hence punters would not have great interest in them. He placed his bets in respect to the bias and the end result was impressive. He acquired massive returns from the bets he wagered.

Cooper surely does not belong to the category of £10,000 win single gambler. He is interested in the returns you can acquire from wagering on multiple bets. He is convinced that the lucky 15 represents value bet. The Lucky 15 represents a Yankee (4 trebles, 6 doubles and an accumulator) in addition to 4 win singles. The most experienced bookmakers normally create a kind of concession with the bet. For example, if there is only a single winner the odds are doubled. This implies that one 7/1 winner would almost get the whole amount of the wagered amount back.

The following are some of the Paul Cooper’s tips that can be applied in successful wagering on horses:

  • Always remain relaxed, cool and composed when making a decision. Effective control of emotions is essential to prevent them from influencing your final decision
  • You should only make your wager when you re convinced that you are making a valuable bet
  • Ensure to choose horses with reputation for excellent performance, and be extremely careful with maidens
  • Try and get a small competent yard you can concentrate on. The smaller stables normally offer better returns on their horses than what you would get from the larger stables
  • Avoid betting odds on the favorite horses

Just like other professional gamblers, Paul cooper believes in thorough analysis of the horses that are competing prior to making a bet. Having a sober and relaxed mind is also indispensable since there are many things to be considered before risking your money.

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