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Sidney Harris is a professional punter who was attracted in the gambling industry when he was in mid-40s. Initially, he was a stock market agent prior to dropping the profession in favor professional gambling. Sidney attempted his largest gamble on the Black Monday. This was in October 19th, 1987.  The financial experts just waited with bated breath as they watched the VDU screens losing their finance. However, Sidney remained confident that the market would progressively fall and the public would start panicking. On that day, he earned above $60,000.  Actually, he is among the few gamblers that were able to benefit from very negative outcome.

He retired from stock trading, all his time and energy has been dedicated to horse racing. He has also developed some outstandingly suitable associates. Sidney is an accomplished author as well. He has written gambling guide called ‘Horse Racing, The Essential Guide To Backing Winners’. The book is composed of gambling knowledge he had gathered in a period of seven years. He remembered the way he graduated into a professional gambler on 26th August, 1993, just a day after his account was suspended by the `Largest Bookmakers in the World’. He was suspended from gambling just because he was winning excessively.

In many cases, gamblers depend entirely on sheer luck. There is no chance for the cliché `the harder you work, the more you get’. However, Harris believes that each punter is unique and travels a distinct path from others. Many of them follow paths that have nothing guiding them.

There is another class of punters that follow misguided ideas. This makes them to keep repeating the same mistakes that normally impact negatively in their gaming ability. This makes it essential for one to have a well planned strategy that will help you to identify your mistakes promptly and fix them. Developing a common sense of sorts is indispensable for one to become an accomplished punter.

There are some fundamental rules for gambling that Harris identifies as suitable for every gamming aficionado. They include:

  • Never      support that has no triumph reputation
  • Never      place your bet on horses from out of form stables
  • Never      place your hope on a horse that is not suited to the track
  • Avoid      wagering on horses that are ridden by jockeys with pathetic track record
  •  Never support horses taught by trainers      with bad track record

The bookmakers and professional punters seek horses with the least number of the above weaknesses. Horses featuring at least one of the above features make a favorite pick. In a nutshell, punters should be capable of seeing past the layers and bookmakers misleading hot picks will go for the `favorites’ which are likely to result in terrible losses.

Harris insists that through identifying horses that have the least number of the above weaknesses, you will have narrowed your playing field greatly. This in turn saves you plenty of time and money. Logically speaking, chances of a horse with all these characteristics have very low chances of winning. A choice that has been passed through the above filter has great chances of emerging victorious.

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