Terry Ramsden


In the year 1986 Terry Ramsden bet on his own horse a whooping 500,000 Sterling Pounds each way. Out of these 1 million Sterling Pounds, he received 1.5 million after this horse, known as Mr. Snugfit, came in the fourth position. This means that he had a real passion and firmly believed in the horses he bet on. Clearly, he was not afraid to bet huge on any horse whose chances of winning he was convinced stood quite highly. This is what drove him to take this step where other people would have hesitated.


When Terry Ramsden made this huge bet on his horse, he was rumored to be worth more than 100 million Sterling Pounds in addition to having more than 100 horses in training. He was not just content to bet on horses, but preferred to have his own horses. He believed in the principle that the best way to win was to have in his possession proven winners. This is what prompted him to bid for and purchase Mr. Snugfit who had finished second on the Aintree Grand National just a year earlier.


Terry Ramsden made most of his investments in horse racing professional gambling through his company, known as Glen International. This company collapsed in 1988 and afterwards Terry Ramsden found the going quite tough. This culminated in him fleeing to the USA from where he would be repatriated back to Britain to answer to charges of unpaid gambling debts running to almost 100 million Sterling Pounds. He was declared bankrupt as a result of this court action.


Terry Ramsden’s love life with racehorses and horse racing would come back with a bang in 2003. After being cleared by the Jockey Club to own racehorses once again, one of them went on to win one of the races in the same year. The name of this horse was Jake The Snake. This proved that he was still gifted in identifying champion horses in addition to bringing on board world class trainers as well as proven jockeys.


Terry Ramsden had left school aged 16 years. At the height of his wealth and fame in the 1980s, he was reputedly the owner of 30% shares in Chelsea Football Club and personally owned Walsall Football Club. He was also said to have a Gulf Stream airplane in his possession in addition to more than 20 vehicles, close to 12 houses as well as a couple of helicopters. Quite a significant part of this was wealth which he had obtained as a direct result of his activities as a professional gambler in horse racing.


The latter part of Terry Ramsden’s life has seen him mostly embroiled in legal tribulations without end. It seems that he spends most of his time ever since 1998 appearing in courts to answer to all sorts of charges leveled against him. He has yet to reach the heights of glory and success he had previously enjoyed in the 1980s. It is thus difficult to predict with any level of certainty whether he will ever enjoy the same levels of success he used to some time back.

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