Thomas Hyland


Thomas Hyland has been a professional gambler specializing in blackjack, which is one of the casino’s card games. He has managed to build his own team through which he has built a reputation as a solid performer able to win numerous events within the field over many years. Other professional gamblers who have faced off with him over the years have not had a good story to tell about their experiences with him. This means that he has proven his ability to win even where the odds appear slightly grim.


Thomas Hyland was able to prove his worth and ability to build winning teams as seen through the first team. His first team pooled together their resources and came up with around $16,000 with which they went into business in Atlantic City. After only a few months of business, he was able to help his team improve their earnings up to $50,000. The fact that he was able to achieve this feat with his team, gave him further impetus to continue in his chosen career as a professional gambler.


His ability to hold his team together for such a length of time, has enabled him to be selected as one of the original seven members inducted into the blackjack hall of fame. The practice with most blackjack players and professionals is to fall out after only a few months or years of working together. This has further boosted the reputation of Hyland in the eyes of other professionals and peers within this industry who have been impressed with his level of success.


Way back in 1994 three Las Vegas casinos worked together to ensure that his team would be dismantled. This was due to their suspicion that this team was engaged in cheating and other unlawful practices which gave them undue advantage and allowed them to win tournaments and other awards with such amazing consistency. However, the case that was filed against Hyland’s team was thrown out by the judge in charge who labeled their strategy as not cheating but intelligent.


Thomas Hyland, Tommy to his friends, was born in 1956. His formative years were spent in New Jersey and attended college in Wittenberg, Ohio. He refers to his college years as lonely where most of his time was spent in playing poker. His other activities include golf and pool. He went to college after successfully finishing high school education where he was quite active in sports betting, basketball and golf as well as baseball. His first experience with gambling was when he was aged 10 years old.


Thomas Hyland has continued to develop effective teams over the years who have managed to win several millions from playing blackjack. He continues to be an inspiration to many upcoming and established professional gamblers both within the USA, where he resides, as well as abroad. He is also active in advocating and fighting for the rights of all professional gamblers contending that they have a right to carry out their trade without fear or intimidation by state officials and other establishments.

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